Witcher 3 Project News

“The Witcher 3” May Be The Best Open-World Game Ever


Nestle Pure Life Project News

Meet Christina!

Production Scheduler & Music Master

Family is very important to Christina. She and her husband have two daughters, ages 7 and 9. Christina encourages her children to stay active, and they do – with piano lessons, art classes, dance and softball.

As a production scheduler, Christina sees the importance of the Nestlé® Pure Life® 12-step quality process every day. As a busy Mom of two daughters, it’s all about finding and spending quality time together as a family.

“My Mom always went above and beyond for me and my sister. And going above and beyond is something I work by and live by.”


Nestle Pure Life Project News

Meet the Water Wizard!

She’s making water more fun one reward at a time. Join the Drink Better. Live Better.™ Rewards Program to get the party started!

Nestle’s new program encourages kids to drink more water.  To learn more please visit:


Gauntlet Trailer Project News

Gauntlet Reboot Summer of 2014!

The new Gauntlet game will be here soon.  And as an added bonus, the word on the street is that the Gauntlet Trailer will be on the DVD/Blu Ray of

300: Rise of An Empire on June 10, 2014.

Here are a couple of sites mentioning the release of the new Gauntlet:


Under Armour Project News

The San Francisco Egotist says editing is “really good”.


 SCION Zeus Project News

Telly Award Winner:

2012 BRONZE Scion | Zeus’s Cradle Part 1: The Scion Hot Lava xB RS 9.0 – Internet/Online Commercial (Automotive)

2012 BRONZE Scion | Zeus’s Cradle Part 2: The Scion Blizzard Pearl xD RS 4.0 – Internet/Online Commercial (Automotive)